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Mon Nov 21 22:21:46 EST 2011

Smokey Hogg is another in a long line of Texas blues musicians, some
alive, most already gone, that more people should be aware of. Most on
this are familiar with his name, but the waitress at the 7th Street
Cafe in Cushing Tx had never heard of him....and that little town (pop
612, looks more like a town of 61) is not so big that fame could be
lost in the shuffle. She knows about him now...just like I know Texas
Monthly magazine was right when they called the little Cushing cafe
one of the best home-cooking spots in the state.

After all, most of the books list Cushing Tx as the birthplace of Mr
Hogg...but when I passed through there a couple of months ago, I
noticed an older black man setting outside of the gtown's gas station,
stopped and asked him if he knew Smokey Hogg....he said sure, his
sister still stays up there near Bug Scuffle. Checkout my photos
related to Cushing and Bug Scuffle, Texas.

Smokey Hogg Story

A few Smokey Hogg Tunes on YouTube

Additional info on Cushing Tx

chuck, in dallas

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