Hollywood Fats w/ The Paladins Live in a small bar in dallas

Terry Groff terry@MUFONTX.ORG
Thu Nov 17 21:44:35 EST 2011

> this is obviously not a live recording, this is the studio version of Okie
> Dokie Stomp from the Fats recording called "Rock This House," that most
> blues  fans have in their collection, they put out a double CDversion with
> outtakes as  well, this youtube video is just the studio version with a
> picture
> of the  bootleg cover on front, I have the actual bootleg with the
> Paladins

I have this too. It was recorded in December '85 at The Greenville Bar and
Grill which burned down a couple of years ago. It was put out by TopCat

The cool thing is my copy is still in its shrink-wrap.

Okie Dokie Stomp is not on it.

I put a scan of the front of the CD on facebook.


or (in case the link above gets split)


Terry Montgomery Groff

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