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Richard Skelly RJSkelly@VERIZON.NET
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    Indeed, Doyle was arguably the nicest person in blues I have ever met.
I am shocked to read of his passing, but not so shocked, 'cause I know he
suffered with hepatitis, the kind that often leads to liver cancer.
     What was cause of death?
      Oh, man, my heart goes out to everybody on the Austin scene -- anybody
into blues loved him -- and his devoted wife Barbara and his son Doyle the
guitarist, who I once met in the kitchen at the old Antone's on Guadalupe.
I loved hanging out with him and he was always priority No. 1 on my visits
to Austin, i.e., seeing his band.  He cut some terrific albums for Antone's
label and Yep-Roc.
      A superb drummer, songwriter  and singer and a magnificent, caring,
honest human being who, like any good musician, was always into learning new
things from other musicians. I'm not back on the air for two weeks, but my
Dec. 1 show will be all Doyle's music with things he wrote with Stevie.
      I can't believe it.....

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>  6. RIP Doyle Bramhall (2)
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> Subject: RIP Doyle Bramhall
> Just saw on Facebook that Doyle Bramhall (Sr.) has passed away at the age
> of=
> 62.=20
> Arguably the nicest person who I have ever met.=20
> Reg Burns - Houston, TX

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