Mouse Jefferson....Lemon's Nephew??

chuck 249 hhs249@GMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 11 06:30:50 EST 2011

I found the following mention of MOUSE JEFFERSON  , Lemon's nephew,
while looking up info regarding John Hogg,Smokey's cousin. The
interview was taken from a 1960 British blues mag, Eureka. I wonder if
anyone ever found Mouse, or anything else about him?

"Lemon, Blind Blake (Document DOCD-5024, DOCD-5025, DOCD-5026,
DOCD-5027) Texas Alexander, those were my favourite guys," he said,
"and you should have heard Lemon`s nephew, Mouse Jefferson. He was
tremendous. I think he was maybe even better than Lemon." Was he
blind? "No, but he had kind of big, blood shottin` eyes...he was
younger. He might still be there. I`m goin’ down there on vacation
this summer, I`ll try to look him up. He was asked how those men made
themselves heard, playing at outdoor affairs and dances without
amplification. What he disclosed was completely new, so far as this
writer knows: "If you ever could get a hold` of rattlesnake rattles,
he would put them in the really brings the sound out. When
you hit down on it, it sounds about as loud again." Smokey, he told
us, still uses this device.

chuck, in dallas

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