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Carole lays down the beat ... Jones buys the farm ... Australia invades USA

1958, 2 classic vocalists live to sing another day when Sam Cooke and Lou
Rawls survive an automobile accident near Marion, Arkansas . . . the driver
of the car is killed, however . . .

1960, The Shirelles release "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" with songwriter
Carole King on drums . . .

1965, Velvet Underground makes its performance debut at a high school dance
in Summit, NJ . . .

1968, Brian Jones purchases Cotchford Farm in Sussex, once owned by A.A.
Milne, the author of Winnie the Pooh . . .

1969, Jim Morrison gets blotto on a plane trip from L.A. to Phoenix to see
The Stones . . . he's such a royal pain that he's arrested on arrival and
charged with interfering with the flight and public drunkenness, having
harassed a stewardess who apparently didn't appreciate a drunk Morrison
jumping in her game . . . the charges are eventually dropped . . . Janis
Joplin is arrested in her dressing room at a concert in Tampa for cussing at
the man . . . earlier, in the auditorium, a cop is screaming through a
bullhorn at her fans to sit down and she tells him "Don't @#&* with these
people. Hey mister what are you so uptight about? Did you buy a five-dollar
ticket?" . . . she is similarly disrespectful addressing police backstage
when they insist that SHE tell the audience to sit down . . . she gets out
on a $50 bond and the charges of "vulgar and indecent language" are
eventually dropped . . .

1970, Jim Morrison closes the door on his bandmates, playing his last
concert with The Doors in New Orleans . . . After the band records the L.A.
Woman album, Morrison moves to Paris, where he will soon pass away . . . his
grave site becomes a destination for Morrison fans the world over . . .

1972, featuring fiery guitarist Jan Akkerman, the album Moving Waves by
Dutch prog-rock band Focus arrives on the LP chart in the U.K. . . . thanks
to popular song "Hocus Pocus," Focus achieves notoriety in the U.S., but in
a short while it's hocus pocus and Focus disappears . . . riding his
motorcycle in Macon, Georgia, Allman Brothers bass man Berry Oakley crashes
into the side of a city bus only three blocks from where Duane met his
demise in a motorcycle accident the previous year . . . Oakley refuses
treatment at the site and goes home only to die of a brain hemorrhage later
that night in the hospital . . .

1978, Queen plays Madison Square Garden . . . during their hit number "Fat
Bottomed Girls," they are accompanied by semi-nude women riding bicycles . .

1981, Australia invades the U.S. . . . the U.S. airwaves, that is, when
Olivia Newton-John, Little River Band, Air Supply, and Rick Springfield all
register hit singles . . .

1984, Madonna's album Like a Virgin is released, leaving listeners wondering
in what way she is . . . popular theories include the possibility that
Madonna is encouraging people to like virgins . . . sort of like a "take a
virgin to lunch" campaign . . .  a bit redundant, but good-hearted
nonetheless . . .  however, some detractors claim that the material girl,
who launched herself to stardom by wearing her underwear on the outside, is
like a virgin in much the same way that balloons are like safety pins . . .

1987, "a day late and a dollar short" seems to typify the career of Sly
Stone, who turns up an hour late for an L.A. comeback concert and is
promptly arrested for failing to pay child support . . . when it comes to
beats, Bo Diddley's got the "Bo Diddley beat," and Sly's got the deadbeat .
. . lateness aside, in his self-shortened heyday, Stone quickly fell out of
favor with promoters for consistently not showing up for concerts at all . .

1988, Whitney Houston's debut album goes multiplatinum with nine million
copies sold . . . only Boston has ever matched this performance with a debut
LP . . . Steve Love, former Beach Boys manager and brother of lead singer
Mike Love, gets five years' probation for embezzling nearly a million bucks
from the group . . .

2000, Michael Abram, the man who a year earlier broke into George Harrison's
home and stabbed Harrison before being subdued by the ex-Beatle and his
wife, is found guilty by reason of insanity and ordered confined to a mental
hospital for an indefinite stay . . .

2003, Kid Rock announces plans for a continuing creative collaboration with
Sheryl Crow . . . the collaboration has thus far resulted in the hit duet
"Picture," and they plan more writing and recording together in the future .
. . looks like The Kid is growing up . . . perhaps a name-change to Man Rock
is in order .

2004, going postal takes on new meaning when the group Postal Service
settles with The United States Postal Service following more than a year of
legal maneuvering over the band's name . . . in the creative compromise, the
duo comprised of Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard and electronic
musician Jimmy Tamborello agree to let the Postal Service use their music to
promote the use of snail mail and to refer to the USPS deal in Postal
Service CDs . . . the musicians also agree to perform at the postmaster
general's National Executive Conference in Washington . . .  Apple
introduces a special black U2 version of the iPod with the band members'
names laser-etched on the case . . .  the unit is launched with an ad that
has the band performing its new single  "Vertigo" . . .  finally jumping on
the bandwagon of mega-rockers who've cashed in on cross-promotion, it's the
first time in the band's 25-year career that it's licensed music for
commercial purposes . . .  other than selling records, of course . . .  the
New York Post reports that former Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth, 50, is
training to become an emergency medical technician . . . the girls may not
be swooning like they once did, but it never hurts to know a little CPR . .
.  according to his tutor, Linda Reissman, "His commitment is really
touching. He wants to help people." . . . funny, we always knew that Diamond
Dave's commitment was touching . . . only we thought it was California girls
. . . Jamaican reggae star Sizzla is denied a British visa based on
complaints by gay-rights groups that the lyrics in his songs "incite racist
and homophobic violence" . . . something about Sizzla and flank steaks comes
to mind . . . perhaps he doth protest too much . . .

2005, Elton John and partner David Furnish set a date to wed . . . keyboard
legend Bill Preston is hospitalized in Arizona for an inflammation of the
heart . . . no, the two are not related . . .

2006, former Procol Harum organist Matthew Fisher appears in a British court
to pursue a claim against former bandmate Gary Brooker, claiming that his
distinctive organ work played an important role in the success of the smash
hit "A Whiter Shade of Pale," and that he is due a payday . . . some critics
claim that perhaps Fisher should pay royalties to J.S. Bach, whose melody he
allegedly appropriated, but according to an in-depth musical analysis, while
influenced by Bach, Fisher's creation is original . . . the judge awards
Fisher a 40% share in the copyright and says he's entitled to royalties
going back to 2005 when he filed suit . . .

2007, Donovan announces plans to open a Transcendental Meditation college in
Scotland . . . it will be called the Invincible Donovan University . . .
apparently a great deal of thought went into the name . . . rumors say that
the order of the name, "Invincible Donovan University" was originally The
Invincible University of Donovan, until deep meditation revealed to the
former '60s flower child that its college sweatshirts would bear the
initials, IUD . . . so much for free love .

2009, The Faces gear up for a reunion tour with or without original frontman
Rod Stewart . . . keyboardist Ian McLagan intimates that the band has grown
weary of waiting for Stewart to commit to a reunion . . . says McLagan, "If
we don't do it very soon, one of us is gonna check out. I'm 64, for
chrissakes!" . . . unfortunately, our Faces are red as Stewart opts out and
is replaced by Simply Red's Mick Hucknall . . .

. . . and that was the week that was.

[Compiled by the Musician's Friend copywriting staff]

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