playlist:Bandana Blues#388
Sat May 21 21:58:51 EDT 2011


Andy J Forest - Harpbinger (NOtown Story: The Triumph of Turmoil 2010)
Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Doing Bad (On the Street 2011)
Harry Manx/Kevin Breit - Looking For a Plan (Strictly Whatever 2011) 
Grady Champion -  My Rooster Is King (Dreamin' 2011)

Spinner's Section:

Rick Holmstrom: Hamp's hump (8:04) (Hydraulic Groove, Tone-Cool, 2002)
Tom Waits: fumblin' with the blues (3:02) (The Heart Of Saturday Night, Asylum, 1974)
T-99: do the do (2:00) (Coo Coo, Cool Buzz, 2001)
William Lee Ellis: perfect ones who break (4:25) (God's Tattoos, Yellow Dog, 2006)
Al Andersen: bang bang bang (4:00) (Pay Before You Pump, Imprint, 1996)
Jimmy Rogers' All-Stars: goin' away baby (4:53) (Blues Blues Blues, Atlantic, 1999)
Drippin' Honey: baby you were right (5:21) (Love The Curse, Cool Buzz, 2002)
Snatch It Back: sticks and stones (2:58) (Hot Stuff, Tramp, 1995)
El Fish: this or what (3:58) (Waterbottle, HKM, 2001)

Back To Beardo:

Arsen Shomakhov - Highway Cruise (Dangerous 2006)
Ben Prestage - Shine Moon (One Crow Murder 2001)
Biscuit Miller - Black Eyed Peas And Cornbread (Blues With A Smile 2010)
Chrissie O'Dell - Cut You Loose (If I Had A Dime 2011)
Claude Hay - Get Me Some (Deep Fried Satisfied 2010)
Gary U.S. Bonds - If I Live Through This (Let Them Talk 2009)

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