Stoney Burns, Co-Founder of Underground Paper Dallas Notes and Buddy, Has Died

chuck 249 hhs249@GMAIL.COM
Sun May 1 00:21:19 EDT 2011

Stoney Burns, a friend of mine-- and of the blues on a number of
occasions--passed away this past Thursday. He was one of this towns
original hippies, right down to publishing some of the first
Underground rags back in the late 60s, and was still at it when he
passed. For the last few decades, it has been called Buddy, after
Buddy Holly, and focused more on music rather than the price of orange
sunshine and "lids," (which was street slang for an ounce of weed, and
back then it was $ that means that the war on drugs makes those
selling it 10 times as much money), exposing narcs, and letting people
who was playing at Lee Park. Stevie, Jimmie, Freddie, they all played
there, and Stoney Burns Dallas Notes were passed out free there and on
the street corners near by, until the cops decided that all those
hippies playing music, tossing frisbees, and passing joints in a
public park where just, well, a blight on this uptight town they call
Big D...and folks, except for a few of us, D doesn't stand for this town it stands for DOLLARS. That bust, THE LEE
PARK MASSACRE, where they rounded up hundreds of people (if you were
in the park, you were under arrest) was famous in these parts, and one
Attu who defended anyone free that wanted to use his services, later
became the Atty General of Texas.

Some 3 decades ago, or was it 4, Stoney started picking talented
musicians around DFW, and tagging them with the honor of Texas Tornado
in Buddy Magazine-- and giving them some ink...which would usually end
up in their press kits asap. Buddy has had Zuzu Bollin on the cover,
Freddie King, Bugs Henderson, The Vaughan brothers, et al... and over
the years has some very good journalists pass through its ranks. I am
not 100 percent certain it is still being published, but I think it
is. It has, since the economy tanked, lost a number of advertisers, as
has everyone who used them, and the last few issues I spotted were

Stoney was one of kind, the kind this town has never had enough of,
and he will be missed by a whole lot of us. RIP.

chuck, in dallas

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