PHOTOGRAPHY: the late Don Brownstein

chuck hhs249@GMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 16 20:14:49 EDT 2011

I'm sure at some point I have ran across Don's name, as I was a big fan of reading every word on CHESS LP covers, way back when. I might have even seen his name in some of my dad's Playboy mags that I would sneak out of his secret hiding place (the nightstand next to the bed). But it wasn't until a few minutes ago that I ran across this 2009 entry about him at the houndblog that I learned who he was, and that I had admired his work...sometime intensely.

Btw, both of these links show the upper torso of bare naked women, so do not open them if you are offended by that part of God's handiwork.

chuck, in dallas
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