RIP Big Jack Not True!!!

Jonny Meister bluesandbeyond@GMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 13 21:06:44 EDT 2011

Something like this happened around the time that Luther Allison
passed. A report got out that he had died from what appeared to be a
pretty reliable source, but it turned out to be wrong. It was
certainly plausible, because it was known that he was very sick with
terminal cancer. He did in fact pass away a few days later.

Even though most of us on this list are not in the news reporting
business, I guess there's a certain part of human nature that wants
to be first to communicate a big piece of news. We all know that news
organizations have, from time to time, put out factual errors in the
rush to be first and get the story out.

When I saw the first posting about this, this morning, I wanted to
verify it and also get more details, so I contacted the people I knew
who would know, but they did not get back to me. That made me wonder
if it was an error.

I hung out with Big Jack once once, and really enjoyed his company,
and loved his music both with the Jelly Roll Kings and afterwards.
I'm not sure what he exactly has right now in terms of health issues.
My thoughts are with him and his family more than with the question
of how this got misreported, though it is a reminder that this kind
of thing can happen.

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