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Beatles control charts 
 Lennon gets raucous 
 iTunes takes over 

This is the week that was in matters musical

1958, Billie Holiday is sentenced to a year's probation after pleading
guilty to narcotics possession 
 Perry Como's "Catch a Falling Star" becomes
the first certified gold record 

1963, Gerry Marsden of the Merseybeat group Gerry & The Pacemakers is fined
£50 for trying to slip a German guitar past British customs 
instruments are subject to high duties 

1965, The Beatles have a lock on the Top Ten with their ownership of the top
four positions on the chart 
 in order they are, "She Loves You," "I Want to
Hold Your Hand," "Please Please Me," and "Twist and Shout" 
their LP Meet The Beatles has moved over three-and-a-half million platters
making it at the time the biggest-selling album ever 
 Billboard reports
that the lads from Liverpool account for 60 percent of the singles market in
the U.S. 
 Eric Clapton splits from The Yardbirds to join John Mayall's

1967, The Velvet Underground's debut album is released sporting Andy
Warhol's banana-peel cover 
 Dick James, the Beatles' music publisher,
announces that 446 versions of "Yesterday" have been waxed to date making it
the all-time champ among covered songs 

1972, country music star and reformed burglar Merle Haggard is given a
pardon by California governor Ronald Reagan 
 it's been 12 years since Merle
did his singing behind bars at San Quentin 

1974, John Lennon and his drinking buddy Harry Nilsson are booted out of
West L.A.'s Troubadour Club after razzing comic Tom Smothers 
like Smother's mother, John and Harry like Dickie best 

1976, former porn star Andrea True scores with her #4 disco single "More,
More, More" 

1979, Soul Brother (and Good Old Boy) Number One, James Brown, gets funky at
the Grand Ole Opry 
 singer Bonnie Bramlett slugs a highly inebriated Elvis
Costello when he utters a racial slur about Ray Charles 
 Costello has
publicly apologized on many occasions for this gaffe 

1991, Janet Jackson reveals 
 we know what you're thinking 
 that she is
moving from A&M Records to Virgin in a deal worth about $40 million 
members of Reba McEntire's touring band and her road manager are killed when
their plane crashes into a mountainous area near the California/Mexico
 McEntire was traveling in a separate plane 
 guitar legend Eddie
Van Halen and his wife, actress Valerie Bertinelli, celebrate the birth of
their son 
 they name the boy Wolfgang 

1992, 40,000 people show up for Farm Aid in Irving, Texas 
 the star-studded
show is organized by Willie Nelson to help failing family farms 

1997, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II proves she's a pretty nice girl by
knighting Paul McCartney 

1998, Cathay Pacific Airways announces that Oasis singer Liam Gallagher has
been banned from flying with the airline following a flight during which he
is reported to have screamed obscenities and smoked in the cabin 
representing Korn serve Assistant Principal Gretchen Plewes of Zeeland High
School in Michigan 
 the papers demand that she stop making "defamatory
comments about Korn and its products" 
 the action stems from the suspension
of a student who wore a Korn T-shirt to school 

2000, in the middle of a Fargo, North Dakota, show, Korn drummer David
Silveria suddenly loses use of one of his wrists 
 Mike Bordin of Faith No
More subs for the rest of the tour while Silveria heals 
 Chrissie Hynde is
busted in New York for slashing leather goods at a Gap store 
 she's part of
a PETA action 
 blink-182 is forced to cut short its European tour when
singer-guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker are both felled by
strep throats 

2002, R.E.M. is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the 22nd
annual dinner 

2003, the Chinese government orders The Rolling Stones to axe four songs
from the set lists of their Shanghai and Beijing shows 
 the banned tunes
are "Brown Sugar," "Honky Tonk Women," "Beast of Burden," and "Let's Spend
the Night Together" 

2004, Starbucks announces it's partnering with Hewlett-Packard to offer
customers digital music downloads via HP tablet computers 
 Axl Rose is
denied a restraining order that would prevent Universal Music Group from
releasing a Guns N' Roses greatest hits album 
 the label argues that it has
every right to release the record since Rose has failed to deliver on his
contract to produce the long-threatened Chinese Democracy album 

2005, a London audience is treated to an unannounced appearance by Mick
Jagger during a Ron Wood concert; Jagger handles vocals on the Stones song
"Dance (Pt. 1)" 
 Coldplay gives L.A. fans a thrill by playing a one-off gig
at The Troubador 
 Legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti lends his voice to a
new version of Deep Purple classic "Smoke on the Water" for a new
retrospective album covering the 40-year career of rocker Ian Gillan 

2006, Isaac Hayes quits South Park, the animated show where he voiced the
character of Chef for nine years 
 Hayes cites the show's take on religion
as his reason for leaving: "There is a place in this world for satire, but
there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry toward
religious beliefs of others begins." 
 Matt Stone, the show's co-creator,
cites a recent episode that targeted Hayes' religion, Scientology 
 "He has
no problem—and he's cashed plenty of checks—with our show making fun of
 Hasidic reggae star Matisyahu fires his management team at
JDub with three years left to go on their contract 
 the sacking comes as
Matisyahu enjoys having two albums in the top 40 album chart 
 the JDub
crew, who were the artist's buddies in college, are reported to be
considering suit 

2008, Van Halen postpones 17 more concert dates so that guitarist Eddie Van
Halen "can continue medical tests to define a course of treatment," 
band's website notes that Eddie remains "under doctors' care" 
announced that Snoop Dogg will guest star on the long-running soap One Life
to Live 
 he'll perform a couple of tracks from his newest CD, Ego Trippin',
and mashup the show's theme music 
 the Allman Brothers are forced to
postpone their annual May engagement at New York's Beacon Theater while
Gregg Allman recuperates from hepatitis C 
 Apple's iTunes displaces Best
Buy as the second biggest music retailer 
 Wal-Mart retains the top spot,
though the giant chain has continued to shrink its CD rackspace in stores
making more room for DVDs and video games 

2009, in another indication of foundering CD sales, BMG Music Service, the
last of the record clubs to offer those 10-CDs-for-a-penny promotions,
announces that it is shutting down 
 former competitor Columbia House had
closed a couple of years earlier 
 Capitol Records executive Alan Livingston
 after the U.S.-based label rejected the first four Beatles singles,
he gave the go-ahead to release "I Want to Hold Your Hand" 
 Neil Young
releases his video for "Johnny Magic" on the Internet 
 it's Neil in his car
lip-synching to the song with his dog in the back seat, one camera, no edits

 Neil explains the "economy look" goes with the times 

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