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Nancy Edwards bluesfestivalguide@TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Thu Mar 3 17:52:16 EST 2011

Okay, I am thinking seriously about cutting the "cable".   I'll continue with basic (45 channels) for $38 a month.  But all the "other stuff" like 2 DVRs, sports package, High Def.....that can go. 

I watch only a handful of shows, and the thing that actually gets used from the expanded cable is "music choice" which I can stream from the internet.  Blues channel of course.

I already have a NetFlix membership and a Roku.  I'm planning to sign up for Hulu Plus ($7.95 a month) So that should take care of the TV shows.  Well except my SO, Gordon wants ESPN (any suggestions on that?)

I want to connect Music Choice to the speaker system in the house.  Is there a way to do that ....go from a computer to speakers all over inside and outside the house? Maybe Wi-Fi speakers are the way to go these days?

Help, How do I "cut the cable" and save money.  I'll put the money to good use with a trip the the BMAs.

What alternatives are their to the DVR?

Also what alternatives are there to cable internet for the computer?  Don't have verizon fios in this area yet.  Kinda rural here (just the way I like it).

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