The Week That Was

Alan Lloyd
Sat Aug 27 12:37:33 EDT 2011

The reason that the BBC wouldn't play the original version of Lola was
because as a publicly-funded non-commercial organisation, their charter did
(and still does) not permit them to advertise. Ray Davies had to interrupt
an American tour to fly back to London to record the change.

"5. Lola - The Kinks (1970)
It was a song about a drag queen, but surprisingly that wasn't what offended
the BBC. The broadcaster maintains a strict ban on advertising through music
and objected to the song's mention of Coca-Cola. The lyrics were later
changed to "cherry cola" to avert the ban."

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1970, The Kinks' transvestite-themed single "Lola" is
released . the song, which revived the band's flagging popularity, was
inspired by their manager's drunken club experience unknowingly
dancing with a she-man . Ray Davies had to re-record the line "You
drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola" at the last
minute because the BBC refused to play the song with its original, "it
tastes just like Coca-Cola," line fearing repercussions from the
beverage maker . Lola reappears in "Paranoia," a later Kinks tune .

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