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A salesman at one of my favorite stores in the SF bay area said Gibson was a royal pain to deal with it. According to him, they were much more so than Fender, Taylor, Heritage, or the other lines they carried. I believe that store even decided to drop Gibson.
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Chillax sports fans....I can't say if this was trotted out AGAIN, for
the Lord only knows how many times, as a way for Gibson to get some
publicity, or because the WSJ (and Murdoch) cannot help itself, that
is just how they roll.

Let's is essentially the same story from back in Feb 2011.

...and before that back in 2010.

.....and before that, from 2009.

It is late, and I have been driving for about 14 hrs, so I am going to
stop with 2009... but these comments from the Taylor Guitar forum that
same year, shed some light on why we might be wading through yet
another retread of this story.

**Oh, man, I don't have even remotely enough time to cite chapter and
verse about old Henry the J, but the information is easily found
online. Just run a Google search on Henry Juskiewicz, and if you read
every angry forum discussion where his name comes up (almost never in
a flattering light,) you'll be sitting there reading from now until
when the Rapture finally comes along to whisk you away.

Short version: Henry Juskiewicz made his money on Wall Street during
the 1980's "greed is good" era, then remembered how he'd had fun as a
teenager while trying to learn guitar well enough to be a rock star,
and went looking for guitar-related companies to sink his money into.
The Norlin Corporation had just about run Gibson into the ground, and
were (as it turns out) on their last legs themselves, so Juskiewicz
and a couple of investment partners bought Gibson.

I give the man credit for having turned the company's quality decline
around, particularly in their acoustic guitars and mandolins, which
happen to be my own field of interest. But Juskiewicz has brought a
combative, litigation-happy (and some would say predatory) business
style to Gibson, and has alienated many, perhaps most of the people in
the business that he's dealt with.

But don't take my word for it. Run a Google search on the man, and
you'll easily find enough reading material to keep you up nights for
at least a couple of weeks. **

chuck, in dallas

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> One of the problems with allowing a government to expand is the creation of
> divisions with little or no real function.  Some of  these bureaucracies
> are content to keep their heads down, collect salaries  and pensions.  Others
> look to justify their existence and nonsense like  this ensues.   Maybe
> this will result in a few fines which will then  be passed on to the consumer
> making expensive instruments more so.  Maybe a  manufacturer will have lunch
> with an official and it will all go away.  In  the end, is this department
> really a justifiable expense?  I don't  think so.
> In a message dated 8/26/2011 8:49:47 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> jacobslawoffice@GMAIL.COM writes:
> We need  to get the musicians' lobby on this right away to have
> Congress carve out  an exemption for guitars.  This is a real
> job-killer. .  Now, who  is our lobbyist?
> On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 5:21 PM, Eric Simonsen  <> wrote:
>> An article in today's Wall Street  Journal tells of the US Dept of Fish
> and Wildlife raiding Gibson guitar  factories yesterday in search of their
> use of "illegal" woods in their  manufacturing of guitars. The article went on
> to say that guitar owners in  general need to be concerned as to the wood
> used in making their  instrument(s), whether they are of recent vintage OR 60
> years old!! In times  such as these, is this what we really need our
> government to spend our  resources on? No matter how "green" you may be, this just
> seems pretty  ludicrous to me.
>> Eric

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