Karen Tyler Trio @ Sculpterra Winery & new video "Wall Street Screwin' Me Blues"

Valerie Johnson albblue@WILDBLUE.NET
Fri Aug 26 14:28:39 EDT 2011

Hey Everybody,
Don't miss *The Karen Tyler Trio featuring Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue*
<http://vjblues.com/bio_karen_tyler_trio> performing at *Sculpterra
Winery <cid:part1.06040306.07030700@wildblue.net>* this Sunday 1 - 4pm.

*Click Here for a little taste of what you'll hear and see*.
<http://youtu.be/RyWxaSPyQ_k>  This wonderful event is put on by Steve
Keys @ *http://songwritersatplay.com/calendar.html whole

***Don't forget to check out Val & Al's newest video -*The Wall Street
Screwin; Me Blues*! <http://youtu.be/8CEBbyjnapY>  written by Gary
Hamel.  There be a whole lot of truthin' goin' on in this one.  It's a
blast!!! */Pass it around!!!/*
Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue Jango Internet Radio


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