SBC: 2b1's Huge Archive of Audio and Video masters being auctioned

Mon Sep 27 16:16:56 EDT 2010

This is a bit of a shocker. Check out the xls spreadsheet Blues
section, from 1995-2000. Somebody might want to alert these artists
and let them know they're on the shopping block. (He's got Roy Rogers
listed as "Country," Derek Trucks as a "Jam Band," Etta James as
"Jazz," Dr. John as "Rock." Two James Brown tapes from 1996 and '99?
Yeah, like THOSE are gonna get released.)


For Immediate Release:  10/12/09

Huge Concert Archive of Audio and Video Masters To Be Auctioned
Auctioneer: ICAP Ocean Tomo

When:November 11th, 10am
Where:Carmeros Inn in Napa, 4048 Sonoma Highway, Napa, Ca 94559
What:"Concert  Archive of Contemporary Audio and Video Masters"
Copyrighted with the US patent office containing 1700 separate
performances, 5,000 audio and video masters, 23,000 songs covering
multiple genres.
Contact: Boots Hughston 415 871-9852, Auction info:Patents Corp, Pat
Grotto (917) 617-6088
Auction Web
Archive Sample:, 2b1 Web

Record label and concert producer 2b1 Multimedia inc; known for
promoting 40 years of concerts in San Francisco including the "Summer
of Love" and "Woodstock 40th ; and partner of Chet Helms and the
legendary "Family Dog" has placed its archive of audio and video
masters for auction. This is a "once in a life time" chance to bid on
a collection of this size and magnitude. It contains over 23,000
songs, 5,000 masters from 1,700 performances covering multiple
genera. This entire collection will be auctioned through Ocean Tomo
November 11th at 10am. The archive includes original 24 track digital
masters, a professional audio mix of the performances and video with
up to 5 camera angles. The entire archive is copyrighted with the US
Copyright Patent Office which affords protection and Intellectual
property rights. The entire collection of masters is digitally
encoded and backed up on hard drives. This makes the archive ready
for exploitation eliminating the major costs of audio mixing and
encoding for video editing. This may be one of the largest
Intellectual property offerings in its class.

The archive contains extremely rare footage from the original "Summer
of love in 1967", rare footage of Chet Helms and "The Family Dog";
the legendary promoter who along with Bill Gram started the modern
music scene. It also covers multiple genres with many rare first time
performances of stars such as Black Eyed Peas, Jay-z, Bio Hazard,
Lincoln Park, and Incubus. It also contains performances by Willie
Nelson, James Brown, Wu-Tang, String Cheese Incident, Greg Allman,
The Roots, Common, Busta Rhymes, Phil Lesh and Friends (of the
Greatful Dead), Dave Mason, Moby Grape, Eric Burdon, Billy Bragg,
Wilson Pickett, Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead with
Metilica's James Hetfield, Herbie Hancok, George Clinton, Sepultura,
Siouxie Sioux and the Creatures. Along with performances by Moby,
Ozomatli, Mos Def, Sector 9, Black Crows, Public Enemy, Morrissey,
Jimmy Cliff, Etta James, Pavement, Waylon Jennings, Orgy, Huey Louis,
Keith Emmerson, Merl Haggard, Insane Clown Possie etc. A complete
list is available; please contact Patents Corp, Pat Grotto 917 617-6088
To put the size of this archive in perspective:
- If you released 10 CD's and10 DVD's a month it would take you 14
years to release everything.
- ITunes began with 230,000 songs, this catalog (by itself ) is 10%
of what iTunes started with.

2b1 Multimedia Kick Off Party:
When:November 7th
Time:6pm to 12pm
Where:at 2b1 Multimedia Inc., 3075 17th Street, San Francisco
Featuring:TBA, Many artists will be there to celebrating the
placement of the archive in the auction.

2b1 Multimedia Inc
3075 17th Street | San Francisco, CA 94110

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