Famous London Venue to close

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I found a music clip of JoAnne Kelly with some rotating photos.  Pretty good 
player!  Also found an article online,written by Del Ray in 1997, about Memphis 
Minnie, mentioning at the end that JoAnne Kelly as having been influenced by 
Minnie.  The article refers to her as "the late JoAnne Kelly".  

Doubtful that there were many, if ANY, women playing this guitar style back in 
the 1960s.  Rory Block was still in her teens and still learning at that point.


Her brother, Dave Kelly, was also very good.

They both made good albums although I don't think they ever played as a duo.

JoAnne was a real student of the pre-war style and worked very hard to get it right . . .

Alice Stuart and Judy Roderick and Barbara Dane were all doing blues in the1960s.

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