ADMIN: RE NBC: RE: If Henry Ford Would Have Had His Way...

Jimmy Jacobs jacobslawoffice@GMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 21 10:23:37 EDT 2010

This thread started with a legitimate (if tenuous) music connection and at
some point had an NBC placed in the Subject Line when it veered off into a
more historical discussion.  When, or If, you want to add non-blues
commentary on another's post, please remember to add the NBC so that those
who have set their filters to screen out such posts don't have to be
bothered with them.

Personally, I have found this thread to be interesting although it came very
close to turning into a flamer for a while.  I think we all know that some
of us have passionately-held, diametrically-opposed political views.  As
Chuck suggests, take that stuff over to another forum.

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