If Henry Ford Would Have Had His Way...

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Ford was neither a Pacifist nor a Republican... He was a life-long Democrat
 (remember, they were the party IN FAVOR of keeping slavery in the prior

Henry Ford hated FDR and did not support WWI because he was an
Isolationist, favoring complete separation from all affairs associated with  Europe and
Asia (specifically Japan's empire building in the Pacific Rim).

Wilson had been elected president (if I remember my history properly)
because he, like many Americans, ALSO favored Isolationism but with his
continuing reversal of that position loss support in Congress... This is why he
encouraged his friend, Henry Ford, to run for office.  He desperately  needed

I don't advocate continuing discourse on politics here but I also wanted to
 stop some "revisionist history" from being re-written to fit some more
current  political perspectives (on both sides).

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Ford  also
hated Franklin Roosevelt and all he stood for (which would indeed make  him

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