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  Hey Jimmy
It doesn't seem that this thread gets many responses, but I'm sure
enjoying them......EXCEPT that it's a little depressing that so many
years have passed since some of the dates. Keep them coming
john ganjamie
On 9/17/2010 10:50 AM, Jimmy Jacobs wrote:
> UFO Shot Down ... T. Wrecks ... KISS Off ...
> This is the week that was in matters musical ...
> 1958, while crossing the Atlantic on his way to a couple of years of Army
> service in Germany, Elvis is asked to put together a talent show and ends up
> playing piano in the impromptu band he organizes ...
> 1959, The Isley Brothers' classic "Shout" is released ... the song is later
> covered by The Beatles in a TV special, and again in 1978 by Otis Day and
> the Knights in the movie Animal House ...
> 1962, Bob Dylan makes his first appearance at Carnegie Hall ... The
> Springfields are the first British vocal act to score a U.S. Top 20 hit with
> the single "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" ... their lead singer is Mary
> O'Brien, who will later sustain a major solo career using the stage name
> Dusty Springfield ...
> 1967, London's UFO Club, memorable for being the place Pink Floyd launched
> its career, is shuttered following the drug bust of its owner ...
> 1969, in the midst of rock's golden era, The Archies' bubblegum ditty "Sugar
> Sugar" hits #1 and stays there for four weeks ... proving once again that you
> can't go broke underestimating the public's taste ...
> 1970, 27-year-old Jimi Hendrix dies in a basement bedroom at the Samarkand
> Hotel in Notting Hill Gate, London ... the room is rented to Monika Danneman
> who later claims that she and Jimi were to be married ... he had taken about
> nine hits of quinalbarbitone and is already quite dead when the medics
> arrive, despite Danneman's later claims that he had been alive at that time
> ... the coroner's report cites "inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate
> intoxication" as the cause of death ... in 1993 the investigation into
> Hendrix's death is reopened by Scotland Yard in order to clear up
> discrepancies about how and when the ambulance was called ... Danneman is
> vilified in books and other media, and in 1996, commits suicide after losing
> a libel case brought by Kathy Etchingham, who originally reopened the
> Hendrix case ... Black Sabbath releases its second album Paranoid featuring
> "War Pigs" and "Iron Man," songs that will become heavy metal classics ...
> 1973, Gram Parsons of the Byrds dies after a fatal combination of alcohol
> and morphine in Joshua Tree, California ... his coffin is stolen from the
> airport by his manager, Phil Kaufman, and a former Byrds roadie before it
> can be sent to New Orleans for a family burial ... according to Kaufman, he
> and Parsons had made a pact months earlier that when one of them died "the
> survivor would take the other guy's body out to Joshua Tree, have a few
> drinks, and burn it" ... giving new meaning to the phrase, "smoked a gram,"
> the two make their way into the desert night after toasting their departed
> friend at a local bar, pour five gallons of gasoline onto the body, and
> light it ... the fire is spotted quickly, before the cremation is complete ...
> days later, Kaufman will be found and charged with stealing a coffin and
> sentenced to pay $750 for the casket ...
> 1977, Marc Bolan of T. Rex is killed outside of London when his intoxicated
> wife crashes their mini-GT into a tree ...
> 1980, a newly formed Geffen Records signs John Lennon ... Joe Walsh announces
> he is entering the race for President of the United States against political
> heavyweights Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan ... his campaign slogan is "Free
> Gas For All" and he states his purpose for running is to raise awareness of
> the importance of the elections ... Walsh will re-enter the political fray in
> 1992 to run for Vice President of the United States ...
> 1983, the members of KISS appear on MTV, only this time, their traditional
> "Kabuki makeup from hell" is off ... after losing original members Ace Frehley
> and Peter Criss, the band are trying to reinvent themselves by exposing
> their bare faces in public ... the ploy seems to work, as their next release
> Lick it Up becomes their first platinum album in four years ...
> 1984, Mötley Crüe makes its concert debut at the Monsters of Rock festival
> in England ...
> 1998, hard rock act White Zombie will no longer feast on the brains of the
> living ... the group disbands shortly after the release of singer Rob Zombie's
> solo album, Hellbilly Deluxe ... together for the first time in 24 years, the
> members of '70s British rock band Mott The Hoople get back together to
> perform at the Virgin Megastore in London ...
> 2005, soul singer D'Angelo is seriously injured when his Hummer hits a fence
> in Virginia and flips ... INXS announces they have hired a former Canadian
> Elvis impersonator, J.D Fortune, to replace former frontman Michael
> Hutchence, who committed suicide in 1997 ... the band eventually splits with
> Fortune, who literally blows it thanks to his predilection for white powder
> ... apparently Fortune favors the strung (out) ... Garbage announces on the
> band's website that it's on an indefinite hiatus ... the posting reads, "We
> have made a decision to take some time off. We are not breaking up." ...
> 2006, three bad boys of rock, Pete Doherty of Babyshambles, Justin Hawkins
> of The Darkness, and Tom Chaplin of Keane, all residents at London's Priory
> rehab treatment center, are reported to be jamming together ... this despite
> Hawkins having referred earlier to Doherty as being "a talentless waste of
> skin" ... apparently their shared rehab dilemma has healed old wounds ...
> meanwhile the British tabloids have dubbed the trio "The Arctic Junkies" ...
> perhaps if Ben and Jerry's got onto the act, we'd have a new ice cream
> flavor called, "Junky Monkey" ... the documentary Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and
> Sing debuts at the Toronto International Film Festival ... the movie
> chronicles the fallout that resulted from the group's criticism of the Bush
> administration ... also debuting at the festival is the documentary The U.S.
> vs. John Lennon that examines the U.S. government's campaign to deport John
> Lennon due to his anti-Viet Nam war stance ...
> 2007, it's reported that director Martin Scorsese is working on a
> documentary about George Harrison and will have the cooperation of Paul
> McCartney, Ringo Starr, and the late Beatle's widow, Olivia ... Chicago
> alt-rock station Q101 spins the hook-laden single "Great Divide" to positive
> response from listeners while failing to disclose it's the work of the
> has-been brother act Hanson ... Spike, the station's music director, notes,
> "There's a stigma attached to them" ... DJs credited the tune to "a mystery
> artist" ...
> 2008, in a real turnabout, Metallica fans ask the veteran heavy metalists to
> turn it down ... in recording the band's latest album, Death Magnetic, the
> sound was cranked and compressed so severely that the CD is riddled with
> distortion ... 11,000 fans sign an online petition asking the band to remix
> and reissue the album ... it is soon discovered that the same tracks appearing
> in the game Guitar Hero aren't compressed to a flat waveform and sound much
> better ... Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks implores Pearl Jam's Eddie
> Vedder to write a song in support of the team's World Series aspirations ...
> Vedder's "All The Way" is the result, but the Cubbies still fail to make the
> Series ... after patching up some personal differences, the original stoner
> act, Cheech and Chong, hits the road with a series of shows that include
> classic bits from the duo's records and movies as well as new material ...
> commenting on the reunion that took 27 years, Tommy Chong says, "We went
> from Nixon to Bush. That's about all that's changed." ... acknowledging that
> the pair are still "herbalists," Chong notes they no longer need to carry a
> stash with them ... "if you need weed you can get weed faster than a pizza
> almost anywhere" ...
> ...and that was the week that was.
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