Are you f'ing kidding me???

Pat Boyack pat@PATBOYACK.COM
Wed Sep 15 12:37:13 EDT 2010

I'm a big fan of James Brown. I think he did a lot of good for Black people up until PCP was his
drug of choice and his ego got out of control. He also liked to beat up women. Not cool. After that
I didn't think much of him personally. Just because he did a lot it for the music and Civil Rights
did't give him a pass in my book.

Ike Turner is another one. An ego that was way over blown (yes, I know his contributions to Blues
music discovering Howling Wolf and BB KIng) and a total disrespect for women up until his death
made me not to want to even shake his hand, and I had plenty of chances.

Passing yourself off as one thing and being another is dishonest. Withers used the trust other
Blacks had for him to take photos nobody else could get and to gather info the FBI needed to
destroy the Civil Rights movement. He used those photos and info for personal gain while also
stabbing people like Dr King in the back. Later in life he used his stature (again built on the trust
others had in him years before) for personal gain and attention. Yeah, he was a nice guy but he
had a personality defect built on a need to feed his ego. One of the reasons people become
informants is to feed their insecurity. It makes them feel wanted and bigger in stature because
they have something that another entity that is very powerful wants. Thats why agencies like the
FBI and CIA constantly kiss an informants ass until they are no longer needed.

Yes, Withers took very important photos that documented a lot of history but he was also a
dishonest man who conned people. That's the truth.

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