DYI Blues

Patrick Hertel bloozguy@TEKSAVVY.COM
Wed Sep 15 06:51:30 EDT 2010

      I really like the "book of notes" idea.

On 09/15/2010 12:33 AM, Sonlewis1@AOL.COM wrote:
> For me:
> There is no set method... I am not like those who set aside "four hours"
> every day after lunch as writing time but I do have a LOT of respect for
> those  who have that discipline.
> Typically what comes "first" is there are guitar or piano hooks that I
> noodle on and some "stick" with me... sometimes a couple of different hooks may
>   fit together, perhaps sometimes not.
> Secondly, the hooks get expanded by adding a chord structure that works
> with them and whose "groove" I like.
> Lastly, the lyrics tend to flow out but I do have a "book of notes" of
> phrases and ideas on topics that I wish to write about or express.   Usually
> the first set of lyrics gets tweaked a bit when I sing them over the  hooks or
> chord structure so I can tighten up on the phrasing.  There is  typically
> NOT a lot of wholesale lyrical re-writes and my original lyrical  content
> usually ends of being about 95% of what gets recorded.
> Overall, the final flow is very erratic for me.  I may write six to  eight
> new songs in a three week period and then NOTHING new comes for three or
> four months.  I guess that makes me an "inspired" writer as opposed to a
> "professional writer".
> Son  Lewis
> Blues Vocalist/Guitarist
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> In a message dated 9/14/2010 7:48:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> bloozguy@TEKSAVVY.COM writes:
> I know  quite a few of you write your own songs.
> What process do you got  through. Is there a"method" to your musicness?
> Do the lyrics come first??  ...or the melody? ...or the "hooks"?
> Can you read/write music notation or  do you somehow just make it up and
> memorize it on your instrument.
> Is  there a set structure to your tunes?
> Any advise and/or  hints?

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