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For me:

There is no set method... I am not like those who set aside "four hours"
every day after lunch as writing time but I do have a LOT of respect for
those  who have that discipline.

Typically what comes "first" is there are guitar or piano hooks that I
noodle on and some "stick" with me... sometimes a couple of different hooks may
 fit together, perhaps sometimes not.

Secondly, the hooks get expanded by adding a chord structure that works
with them and whose "groove" I like.

Lastly, the lyrics tend to flow out but I do have a "book of notes" of
phrases and ideas on topics that I wish to write about or express.   Usually
the first set of lyrics gets tweaked a bit when I sing them over the  hooks or
chord structure so I can tighten up on the phrasing.  There is  typically
NOT a lot of wholesale lyrical re-writes and my original lyrical  content
usually ends of being about 95% of what gets recorded.

Overall, the final flow is very erratic for me.  I may write six to  eight
new songs in a three week period and then NOTHING new comes for three or
four months.  I guess that makes me an "inspired" writer as opposed to a
"professional writer".

Son  Lewis
Blues Vocalist/Guitarist
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bloozguy@TEKSAVVY.COM writes:

I know  quite a few of you write your own songs.
What process do you got  through. Is there a"method" to your musicness?
Do the lyrics come first??  ...or the melody? ...or the "hooks"?
Can you read/write music notation or  do you somehow just make it up and
memorize it on your instrument.
Is  there a set structure to your tunes?
Any advise and/or  hints?

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