Are you f'ing kidding me???

Pat Boyack pat@PATBOYACK.COM
Tue Sep 14 18:05:04 EDT 2010

On Tue, 14 Sep 2010 05:58:45 EDT, SuzeBlues@AOL.COM wrote:

>Color me completely idealistic, but I'm thinking we might someday return to
> a day when Americans and their employees (our government) can agree
>they're on  the same side.

Hey, I like cinnamon, incense, group hugs and all that but.......

"In addition to spying on citizens, Hoover's FBI ran a covert operation, called COINTELPRO, a
counterintelligence or "dirty tricks'' program that attempted to disrupt radical movements. It did
this with tactics such as leaking embarrassing details to the news media, targeting individuals with
radical views for prosecution or trying to get them fired from jobs. First launched in the 1950s to
fight communism, by 1967 it was aimed at a range of civil rights leaders and organizations
deemed to be threats to national security. Congressional inquiries later exposed it for widespread
abuse of personal and political freedoms, including a fierce campaign against King."

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