Bluesman Mr. Tater (Foster Wiley) passes; funeral arrangements; donations information

Sat Sep 11 16:40:11 EDT 2010

"He thinks he does."

LOL! I saw Tater numerous times, and I don't think I ever understood
more than five words he was singing. But he was definitely an iconic
fixture in Clarksdale. My guess is he played outside Cathead
innumerable times, and was clearly very dear to Roger and the locals..

At 12:18 PM 9/11/2010, P.W. Fenton wrote:
 >In 1997 I went to my first Sunflower Blues Festival in Clarksdale.  I
 >noticed an interesting character cruising around on a bicycle, who
 >seemed to know everyone, civilian & celebrity alike.  I snapped a
 >picture of him (  ), and
 >pulled out my notepad to make a notation.  I turned to a local and
 >said... who's that guy on the bicycle?  She said "Oh him?  That's
 >Tater.  He's everywhere.  He's harmless."  I said "What's his full
 >name?"  She said, "Tater is all I know.  He just goes by Tater.
 >Everybody calls him Tater".   I said, "Does he sing?"  She said, "He
 >thinks he does"  For a while, that was all I knew about Tater.  Much
 >to my surprise the following day he showed up in a dapper looking suit
 >and matching fedora to fill in for a missing performer, singing and
 >playing in a sort of Junior Kimbrough droning style.
 >P.W. Fenton
 >Hudson, FL
 >2003 KBA winner

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