Suit or In Tune Singing and Playing?

Louis Erlanger
Wed Sep 8 22:53:09 EDT 2010

Exactly. Popular musicians have always set fashion trends. Nobody says you
have to do it, but to me, the stage is where theatre happens, and most of
the greats have had a good sense of theatre on top of their musicianship.

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>  The thing is--most of the "Hippie Bands" dressed pretty cool  (major
> example--Jimi Hendrix and The Experience"). The Band dressed in
> character --their gold miner shstick (sp?). I remember all those
> pictures of Bob Dylan with the turtlenecks and jeans and suit jackets.
> It was all about costumes in those days. It's just that The Dead had
> different costumes than The New Christy Minstrels. Jim Morrison with the
> pirate shirts and leather jeans. You sure didn't mistake any of them for
> the audience.
> I've played a lot of gigs where the other bands are wearing cut off
> jeans and t-shirts--about as generic as you can get--as soon as they
> leave the stage the disappear.
> I may be old-school, but I like flash and style and professionalism.
> Whiteboy Slim
> (maurice richard libby)

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