Lost verses of old Blues Songs

Ann Rabson ann@ANNRABSON.COM
Tue Sep 7 12:05:55 EDT 2010

I totally agree. So many old blues songs (and other songs of a certain era)
have great verses (which I think of as intros) which are rarely sung these days.

When I recorded See see Rider (C.C. Rider) on my album "In a Family Way" I
include the intro (although I hear the lyric slightly differently from
Valerie and Al).  I also recently recorded Kitchen Man (with Saffire) and
included the intro but, since that song is so rarely recorded, I can't tell
if people leave it off these days or not.

While many have recorded and performed Sugar in My Bowl the lovely intro is
rarely included.  My Saffire sister Gaye Adegbalola and my piano brother
Roddy Barnes recorded this tune and other classics and they include the
intro on their recording "Neo-Classic Blues".

Also non-blues songs have the same situation.  Honeysuckle Rose and Georgia
on my Mind have lovely verses (intros) but they are seldon sung.

I'm not sure why this trend started but it's a shame.

Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 13:37:46 -0700
From: "bluesyall Valerie Johnson Al B. Blue" <bluesyall@WILDBLUE.NET>
Subject: Lost verses of old Blues Songs

I have been singing Tradition New Orleans Jazz and Blues for many years. I
have noticed that the verse at the top of some of the old blues songs are
not normally sang anymore. These verses always have a different melody then
the rest of the song. They are so beautiful and actually make the song make
a lot more sense. Does anyone know if there is a special reason they have
been lost through the years? If you know some - would you share them?
*Examples: *
* Trouble In Mind*
Trouble in Mind, Trouble in Mind
I'm feelin' lonesome and blue
Need sometime for thinkin'
Over what I had to go through
Never had such trouble
since the black cat cross my path
Trouble in mind I'm blue
How Long will it last.
(then "Trouble in mind, I'm blue.........." rest of the song)

*CC Rider*
I feel so lonely, I feel so blue
I always feel so bad
I made a mistake, right from the start
and now it seems so hard to part
Go pen this letter
that I will write
I know you will believe it
when you recieve it

(then the song starts)

We Wanna Blues You Up!
Valerie Johnson & Al B.Blue

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