Playing VS Looking Good.

Chuck hhs249@GMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 6 16:09:04 EDT 2010

Then again....just as it all gets explained to us, we are exposed to an outfit like the one in the Rufus Thomas clip below, and we are left wondering, how, why......

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On Sep 5, 2010, at 4:31 PM, maurice richard libby <blues@WHITEBOY-SLIM.COM> wrote:

> Didn't Muddy Waters say some  thing like: "If you wear dundarees to
> play, you play like you're wearing dungarees."?
> On 02/01/2003 12:05 AM, gtrmac@PRODIGY.NET wrote:
>> Hey I just left Las Vegas  Some of the Band's I saw Dressed Shabby But was Monster players. Makes me wonder What's best Dress style or Playing Style.?

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