The Golden Age of Blues - was there one?

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Well, except for the part about the clothes and hairdoo's some of the
greatest artists from the Golden Age of the Blues circa 1950's (my personal
favorite) were not completely originators, either...  A great deal of  Muddy's
and Elmore James' output can be directly linked to Robert Johnson and  more
than just some of  Howlin' Wolf's output owes a great deal to Charlie

There was even a substantial amount of cross-pollination of material
between relevant (and great) artists of the that time who borrowed liberally
from each other, changed a phrase or a turn-around and called it "their  own".

That is not to say that these artists did not bring something new or
innovative to the material... In most cases they did.  They took what came
before them as strong influences on their own expression.

I do agree with Pat that a lot of more current artists have drifted more
towards "imitation" than "influence"... I even had a chuckle when a locally
renowned harp player insisted my band duplicate an miscue on a Little Walter
 tune that he was recording for his own solo CD...

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In a message dated 9/3/2010 11:42:44 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
pat@PATBOYACK.COM writes:

Many of  today's Blues musicians are not originators. They replay and
record the same  music and style.

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