The Golden Age of Blues - was there one?

Pat Boyack pat@PATBOYACK.COM
Fri Sep 3 11:36:02 EDT 2010

I was making a logical assumption since I was one of the only posters who had the opinion about
the current state of Blues today, Ricky. Settle down.

Yeah there is a lot of good music being performed today but I would hardly call it a "Golden Age".
And I think you are degrading todays artists by saying they are so thin skinned that they would be
offended that somebody would say they are not part of their own "Golden Age". The one thing you
fall flat on your face is knowing how it feels to be a musician. This is another case. And like I have
pointed out to you plenty of times, your memory is failing. To say PW, Chuck and I never agree is
just a joke. Perhaps some fish oil pills would remedy the memory problem.

In your "crusade" to keep the Blues relevant you are missing the point. Many of today's Blues musicians are not originators. They replay and record the same music and style. They go to great
lengths to even use the same recording equipment to get the same sound. They wear the same
cloths and hairdos of the 50's and 60's. And I often find that those who try to expand the genre
don't even know where it came from or where its about. Touting the greatness of preteen
musicians who are good for their age but with the same ability would be jokes as adults does
nothing for the Blues either.

Ricky, optimism is a great thing and it can be a bad thing if it keeps you from seeing the truth and
reality of the situation. Kind of like the days before and after Katrina. Not to create any problems
between you and Waterman but I think he nailed it on the head.

Pat B

On Fri, 3 Sep 2010 06:24:27 -0500, Ricky Stevens <deltabluz@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

Pat, I don't know if it's your paranoia or your narcissism that's showing.  Your name had not even
crossed my mind.

My point is and was that there is a lot of good music being performed today.  I think it is
completely unfair to those currently active artists to refer to some Golden Age of blues being
sometime in the distant past.  Apparently my sarcasm was lost on you and PW.  (Can someone
mark the date?  I actually got Boyack, Nevitt, and Fenton to agree on something.)

Much of today's blues borrows rock or country or reggae elements.  The players have different
backgrounds and influences from the originators and today's music is as different from 1950
Chicago as 1930 Piedmont  from 1930 Delta and 1930 Tin Pan Alley.

Today's music is different from then.  Today's players are different as well.  Seriously, in 1960 who
would have thought a boy from Utah, the daughter of a Broadway star, a bunch of English guys or
a long haired kid from Boston could ever be blues artists?

The absurdity is that trying to pin a Golden Age label on any era of a music as internally diverse as
blues has been over the past century is a wasted effort.  To say that some Golden Age has come
and gone and will never be equaled is just as wrong as the folks who claimed Lou Gehrig's
consecutive games streak or Babe Ruth's home Run records would never be broken.

Pat, I have something you and several others who have posted to this thread seem not to possess.
I have optimism that good days are behind, good days are to come, and good days are here now.
You keep looking to the past.  I'll look toward what I see is a bright future.

Ricky Stevens

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