The Golden Age of Blues - was there one?

Fri Sep 3 07:53:04 EDT 2010

On Sep 3, 2010, at 7:24, Ricky Stevens wrote:

> The absurdity is that trying to pin a Golden Age label on any era of a music as internally diverse as blues has been over the past century is a wasted effort.  To say that some Golden Age has come and gone and will never be equaled is just as wrong as the folks who claimed Lou Gehrig's consecutive games streak or Babe Ruth's home Run records would never be broken.

Dude... The Golden Age of the Victrola is over.  I know that's not fair to all the people that find them and restore them today... but the golden age IS over.  Hand cranked phonographs playing fragile 78s through belled horns are not gonna stage a comeback. :-)

P.W. Fenton
Hudson, FL
2003 KBA winner

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