The Golden Age of Blues - was there one?

Louis Erlanger louisx@MYFAIRPOINT.NET
Thu Sep 2 22:31:40 EDT 2010

Thanks. The LP I bought, "Been Here All My Days", has Jesse Mae Hemphill, Fred McDowell, Rosa Lee Hill, Joe Callicut, Furry Lewis and more.  The sound is fantastic, and it comes with inserts containing bios and photos that are very good. I think this is a label to watch.
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  I was in the Mississippi Records store in North Portland a couple weeks ago. It is located on Mississippi Avenue, a gentrified neighborhood full of quaint little stores and restaurants and a great venue, Mississippi Studios, that draws in a lot of roots musicians. The label is part of the record store. They sell almost nothing but vinyl. I was intrigued by the artists names on the LPs offered, such as Fred McDowell, Irma Thomas, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Robert Wilkins, Robert Pete Williams, etc. Some are reissues of older albums from labels like Arhoolie. I do remember a box set in the store titled "The Complete George Mitchell Recordings," and it had a hefty price tag to it, around $200+. There were also several 45 rpm-sized discs of the same George Mitchell recordings. I cannot tell you how the quality of the recordings are, because though tempted I did not purchase anything. I have bought so much vinyl that ends up sitting around and never even placed on a player, because both of mine are buried in storage and have not been used forever. I think they have a listening station, so perhaps I'll head back over again. I believe they do have a website, too.


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    On another note, does anyone on this list have info about the Mississippi
    label out of Portland Oregon?  I just picked up a release of samplings from
    the George Mitchell collection and it is great.  On vinyl.  Thanks for any

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