A golden age?

Thu Sep 2 13:18:28 EDT 2010

There probably really was a "golden age" of the Blues... or more likely Blues and Jazz.  There was a brief period, during the early 1900s when "race music", A.K.A. "negro music", was so popular amongst the record buying public that white musicians used to record music that was marketed pretending to be black music.  

Not that that same thing doesn't go on today.  If I'm browsing the CD bins, and I find an album that says "Country Blues by John Doe" and on the cover is a picture of a rusty tractor, and the back has a picture of an old barn, I figure it's a white artist, trying not to expose his race to a fan base that may "pre judge" based on appearance. 

P.W. Fenton
Hudson, FL
2003 KBA winner

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