my annual FREDDIE KING birthday tribute show

Don O. bluesdfw@YAHOO.COM
Wed Sep 1 17:37:20 EDT 2010

Friday, September 3rd from 6 pm to 8 pm, U.S. Central time, on KNON 89.3 FM
in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or streaming live worldwide at

Every year since 1985 I have dedicated an entire 2 hour radio show to the
life and music of Freddie King. I do this around his birthday each year, and
this year, the show falls on his actual birthday, September 3rd. In the past
I have been honored to visit with many members of Freddie's band and some of
his children during the show. I always try to pull out some obscurities that
are seldom heard, a few old favorites, some live recordings, interviews, and
other tidbits featuring "The Texas Cannonball". This year I will be
featuring some old commercials, including Freddie's spot for Lone Star Beer.

If you have a request for a particular Freddie King tune, get it in now and
I'll try to include it in the show.

Don O.

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