The Golden Age of Blues - was there one?

Ken Peace kenpeace@GMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 1 11:10:33 EDT 2010

My esteemed and leaned friends,

Many periods could be considered the golden age of blues, of course
depending on one's criteria.

The founders and pioneers pre-war

How about the post war years and the outburst of RnB, recording studios and
the availablity of those records.

How about the 1950s midwest. In Chicago and Detroit: Chess Records

Then there's the Brit blues boom of the 60's - Clapton Mayall et al.

Probably not the 1970s - let's face it.

The retro West Coast white cat boom of the 1980s - Hollywood Fats etc.

Into the present day with more blues available than ever before, more
festivals, more CDs or downloads.

Despite the present day featuring very strongly - why do I feel so depressed
about the future?  One thing that I am certain of - whenever the golden age
is/was - I am certain that it is behind us.

In my late 40s, I am often one of the youngest present at most blues events.


Ken Peace
Chester UK

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