eRIC's Blues Dates: August 31

Jimmy Jacobs jacobslawoffice@GMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 1 10:17:29 EDT 2010

Since today's dates were posted yesterday, yesterday's dates will be posted
Born on this Day:

Name    Description     Year    Place
ALIX, MAY       v/LOUIS ARMSTRONG/OKEH REC      1902    Chicago, IL
BRENT, CHARLIE  g/TRICK BAG     1948    New Orleans, LA
CONNOR, JOANNA  g/BLIND PIG REC 1962    Brooklyn, NY
FELDER, WILTON  tsax/CRUSADERS  1940    Houston, TX
GILBERT. L. WOLFE       songw/LOUIS JORDAN      1886    Odessa, USSR
KOERNER, JOHN "SPIDER"  g/ELEKTRA REC   1938    Rochester, NY
MORRISON, VAN   g/sax/hca/songw 1945    Belfast, N. Ireland
PARKER, BOBBY   g/BLACK TOP REC 1937    Lafayette, LA
PICKETT, DAN    g/GOTHAM REC    1907    Pike Cty, AL
RHODES, TODD    p/KING REC      1900    Hopkinsville, KY
SAMPSON, EDGAR  cl/arr  1907    New York City, NY
WARDLOW, GAYLE DEAN     researcher/author       1940    ? MS

Died on this Day:
Name    Description     Year    Place   Age
BONDS, SON "BROWNSVILLE"        g/JOHN ESTES    1947    Dyersburg, TN   38

HULBERT, MAURICE        "MR. BEALE STREET"      1984    Memphis, TN     88

THOMAS, JERRY   d       1990    Brooklyn, NY    49

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