Maxwell Street vs Blues cruises and BMA

Jef Jaisun
Thu May 13 11:28:04 EDT 2010

Well, you're certainly not going to send him out into the fields!  :)

At 08:19 AM 5/13/2010, wrote:
 >Woke up this morning my Nintendo was gone. Tell's me kid's just have to much
 >today to get the old normal blues..Maybe that is what is known as the rich
 >man .kid blues.
 >                                                             Guitar Mac.

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 >> Last Friday I was out at Stovall. Curiously, there were no old blues
 >> guys working in the fields anymore.
 >> We don't have many original links left, and my guess is most people
 >> on this board can name the ones we do have.
 >> "Tradition" means carrying something on, but we all bring our
 >> experiences to it. If we didn't, what kind of "tradition" would we
 >> leave behind? It doesn't mean a middle class white guy from Seattle
 >> can't appreciate what our blues icons and idols synthesized for us.
 >> But we're never going to be them.
 >> You want an example of modern blues evolution? Ten years ago I was
 >> participating in a Blues in the Schools workshop. We had kids of all
 >> stripes and colors, ranging from 6  to 13 years old. Their assignment
 >> one night was to go home and write a blues song, based on the Hoochie
 >> Coochie Man riff.
 >> Some of the results were astounding, and I've saved all the papers
 >> that were turned in.  But the one that summed up the modern blues
 >> best for me was turned in (and sung) by a seven year old white kid:
 >> "I woke up this morning
 >>  My Nintendo was gone..."
 >> Not exactly a Robert Nighthawk lyric, but I guarantee you --  if you
 >> were seven years old and that happened to you, you'd have the blues!  :)
 >> Heh. I got yer "tradition" right here.

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