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Steve Ahola
Thu Jan 22 07:35:20 EST 2009

Walter Potter wrote:

> OK, the Inauguration has come and gone. Its time to get back to work
> ... I mean back to the blues. Unless there is some DIRECT connection
> to the blues, please drop the politics on Blues-L. Posts for or
> against George Bush with NO substantial reference to blues music are
> NOT acceptable. The same goes for comments about Obama. If your post
> isn't about blues music, it really belongs in another forum. -- 
> Walter

I understand what you are saying about politics, but the Blues-L bylaws 
do make provisions for NBC posts. Are NBC threads and posts no longer 
allowed here?

It goes without saying that if someone consistently makes posts with no 
blues content, then the people here will probably stop reading their 
posts. Although the posts do continue to take up bandwidth. But with a 
total lack of feedback they may move on to greener pastures elsewhere. 
My point is just that there are natural forces at work that might take 
care of things without having to institute and enforce new regulations.


Steve Ahola

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