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Wed Jan 21 15:26:38 EST 2009

--- On Wed, 1/21/09, Jeff McFayden <jmcfayden@skywords.com> wrote:

> From: Jeff McFayden <jmcfayden@skywords.com>
> Subject: DAWG FM - OTTAWA, ON
> To: 
> Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 7:21 PM
> Hello.
> I know this may not be the first time you have received a
> request like this but we need all the support we can get to
> save our radio station in Ottawa. The CRTC is re hearing all
> of the applications so all our previous support gets wiped
> off the board and he slate is clean. We need to show the
> CRTC that it made the right decision in the first place and
> that DAWG FM deserves an all blues radio station in Ottawa.
> Even if you have already sent a letter, all other letters
> are wiped clean by the CRTC so right now technically we have
> zero support. IF you see fit, send this email to everyone in
> your address book as well!
> Please visit www.bluesincanada.com and follow the link to
> "save DAWG FM", join our Facebook group (DAWG FM)
> or if you have a little more time visit the CRTC web site
> and submit a written intervention of support for Frank
> Torres (OBCI) (aka DAWG FM) at
> http://support.crtc.gc.ca/rapidscin/default.aspx?lang=en
> Click the button that has the following notice number:
> "2009-2" then click the box in front of Frank
> Torres (OBCI) and fill in your comments or upload a letter.
> If you don't know what to say, you can use the
> following as a reference. Please note you have to submit a
> minimum of your name and email address for the CRTC to
> consider it valid:
> Name:
> Address:Phone number:
> Email address: Mr. Robert A. Morin, Secretary General,
> CRTCRe: Support for application 2007-1203-5 for a Blues
> format radio station by Frank Torres OBCI  Please accept
> this letter of support for application 2007-1203-5 for a
> Blues format FM radio licence to Frank Torres OBCI. A Blues
> format station will benefit official language minority
> communities in both Ottawa and Gatineau. Quebec Blues
> artists will now have a venue to play their music. The
> station playlist will prominently feature Francophone and
> Anglophone blues artists together. The applicant has also
> agreed to support an official language minority community
> station as part of their Canadian Content Development
> funding. There are many other ways that the applicant is
> proposing to serve the OLM Communities in Ottawa and
> Gatineau and be a valuable service to persons of both
> Official Languages. I understand that this letter will be in
> the public domain and may be posted on the CRTC website as
> part of the public proceeding. Sincerely,
> ____________________________
> Thanks everyone!
> Jeff Jeff McFaydenGeneral Manager, Western Canada
> OperationsSkywords RadioEdmonton,
> ABjmcfayden@skywords.comJeff McFaydenGeneral Manager,
> Western Canada OperationsSkywords RadioEdmonton,
> ABjmcfayden@skywords.com


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