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Steve Ahola steve@blueguitar.org
Fri Jan 9 06:58:08 EST 2009

Tom Hyslop wrote:
> At 8:15 AM -0500 1/8/09, c.n. wrote:
>> When the list of favorites (or was it best) blues musicians was 
>> trotted out a couple of weeks ago, I think I filled in the vocalist
>> blank with Percy Mayfield. I also mentioned that my list changes
>> with the wind, and today the wind blows towards Roy Brown.  Listen
>> to his "Queen Of Diamonds," and I think he'll move up your list
>> too.
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4WZ1Hx_MQs chuck
> I didn't respond the first time around, but here's my shot at the 
> singers. As much as Wolf and Muddy give me chills, here are my vocal
>  finalists (I went pure-D blues only. Considering soul and gospel
> widens my field far too much, so no O.V. Wright, no Al Green, no
> Brother Ray, no Johnnie Taylor, no Bobby Womack, etc.):
> Some days, it's Wynonie Harris.
> Some days, it's Big Joe Turner.
> Some days, it's Otis Rush.
> Some days, it's W.C. Clark.


Some people (not blues lovers) are only familiar with Elmore's "Dust My
Broom" and his early recordings were often a bit repetitious. But I
really can't think of a more powerful blues singer. (I used to consider
Howlin' Wolf to be one of my favorite blues singers, but I eventually
realized that he doesn't really sing- he just kinda mesmerizes you with
his voice. So I would consider Wolf to be the most powerful blues
vocalist but Elmore to be the most powerful blues singer.)

As much as I love Elmore's early recordings for the Modern label, I
think it was his sessions with Eddie Taylor reissued on Muse Records
that were some of his strongest. And when he moved on Bobby Robinson's
Fire and Enjoy labels out of NYC- wow! I have all of those recordings in
the P-Vine vinyl box set and in the Capricorn 2CD set- very powerful sh*t!

Thanks for bringing up Elmore... I don't recall seeing him on anybody
else's list yet.

Steve Ahola

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