Photogs : Pls document! / collective point for documenting?

Dick Waterman
Tue Jan 6 17:19:32 EST 2009


That's fabulous!   So grand that you have that memory because of the 
archives.    We need that equivalent in the blues history world.   Wish one of 
universities or the Blues Foundation would take that on.   Now THAT would be a 
great Keeping the Blues Alive project!    It would have the effect of 
documenting a culture, foods-people-places-politics-music.


My negatives? are in absolute shambles. Memory is an inconsistent factor and I usually have better recall of Newport people in the 1960s than I do of King Biscuit over the past 15 years. You'd think that I would at least have learned to toss a program into my suitcase so I have that as reference.

I had an intern in here for recent weeks as we tried to integrate the negatives returned by my retired dark room tech with my other negatives and it just didn't go very smoothly.

At least I have separate folders for (1) touring with the Rolling Stones, (2) New Orleans Jazz Fests and (3) a historic Willie Nelson birthday party TV taping.

The Ole Miss Blues? Archive would be a good candidate for some grant money and the U of North Carolina has some major preservation projects going.


Dick Waterman
Oxford, MS



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