Stanhope House music hall is closing

Son Lewis
Fri May 30 21:50:59 EDT 2008

Well, the demise of the Stanhope House has been nearly 15 years in the  
making. Between the 1970's and 1990's two sets of owners worked wonders through  
all kinds of recessions and swings in the economy... they used a combination of  
national talent (as high up on the food chain as Muddy Waters) and local home 
 brew (such as myself) to blend shows with two-four names on the marquee, all 
 Blues, all the time...
Following the sale of the business in the early 1990's to a gentleman who  
promptly banned all members of the local Blues society (because they had  
scheduled a free show too close to his club) and his wife (who swiftly switched  
from Blues to Jam-Bands to fill the club but empty the register) a series of  
really bad business decisions and a growing "bad name" for the club was  
something the new owners (who took possession a couple of months ago) just could  not 
While the economy may have undoubtedly had some impact on this closing, it  
was likely more due to the previous bad name and an under-funded business  
venture.  GONE are the days when owning a liquor license was an automatic  cash 
Son  Lewis
Blues Vocalist/Guitarist  

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I know  gas prices are high but I don't think that is the reason, personally 
I  don't see a lot of conservation going on around here. I see just as much  
traffic and just as many big assed gas eaters on the road.

you  never miss your water 'til the well runs  dry.

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