a note from candye kane

Candye Kane candyekanetour@aol.com
Mon May 26 19:45:10 EDT 2008

hello all.

I continue to be so humbled by the love of so many all over the world. 
It has been overwhelming to find out how many people truly care. This 
week, my benefit in Austin will take place at Antones. Another all star 
line up will take the stage in my honor, and raffle prizes include 
donated gifts by Willie Nelson!!! among others. I am feeling better but 
not well enough to jump on a plane to Austin just yet. Yes, I am going 
to sing a couple of songs this Wednesday at the Belly Up Tavern here in 
Solana Beach for my friend, drummer Marcus Bashores benefit but thats 
just a couple of songs with Sue Palmers band. I am still feeling pretty 
fragile but of course, am healing daily and am oh-so-grateful to be 
alive. I will have a real come back show in September somewhere here in 
San Diego and plan on doing my August tour in the midwest USA, as long 
as things go well in Holland. I will leave for the United by Music tour 
and my special needs friends on June 21. www.unitedbymusic.nl  I have 
always aimed for this tour to be my target date back onstage and so I 
am preserving all my energy until then. It will be a real experiment to 
see if I can continue with my organic, vegan lifestyle on the road. I 
am looking for a used, cheaply priced, medium sized RV if anyone knows 
anyone who wants to sell one. I think an RV will help me to have my own 
kitchen on wheels in case we get into a town late and cant access the 
right kind of healthy food. With the gas prices so crazy, its not a 
great time to buy an RV but when cancer comes a knocking, you gotta 
change your plans!!

Anyway, the benefits have been amazing and continue to help my family 
thru this ordeal. Big THANKS again to Bob Corritore in Phoenix, Steve 
Grams in Tucson, Gina Sicilia in Hoboken, Chet Cannon, Joey Harris, 
Lorna Hamiltion and Sooty in San Diego, David Anastasia in Hartford, 
Debra Sternberg and Tom Koerner in Arlington, Va, Desiree Martinez and 
Carlos Guitarlos in Huntington Beach, Sophie Kay and Little Victor in 
Paris France, and now, Rosie Flores, Margaret Moser, Susan Antone and 
Connie Nelson in Austin. There are more benefits to come in San 
Francisco (http://www.myspace.com/fortheloveofcandye ), Tacoma, Boulder 
and Dortmund Germany. Please check my website at www.candyekane.com or 

My doctor says my cancer has a 50% chance of returning on my liver in 
the next five years. Of course, this also means that it has a 50% 
chance of NOT recurring and thats what I am holding onto. I am going to 
be cancer free in five years, just watch me! And I only hope that I can 
continue to make music that heals and unites, and be worthy of all the 
generosity and compassion that has been showered on me and my family 
during this health challenge.

Big love and gratitude,


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