Sean Costello

Damon M. Ayala
Sat May 24 15:16:24 EDT 2008

None of this stops people from wanting to know.  That's  unrealistic.  Fans 
of any performer feel close to them, especially young  fans.  You are way off 
on Cobain.  Fans gathered in large groups to  console each other and try to 
make sense of it.
This is not to say I disagree with you, but it doesn't change the  reality.

In a message dated 5/24/2008 3:05:02 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

It's  none of our damn business. It's no one's damn business how you 
go or I go,  either, and that goes for our families, too, unless we or 
they choose to  release details.

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