Gasoline Blues WAS: NBC: those damn esso bees

c. n.
Fri May 23 19:02:57 EDT 2008

The late AND great Fred McDowell had a tune called "I Heard Somebody Call," which contained these lyrics at the end:
I got the meanest woman
Lord, that you ever seen
Meanest woman
Lord, I have ever seen

Ask for whiskey
Give me gas, gasoline
Ask for whiskey, and give me
Lord, that the mean, meanest woman
Lord, I ever
Ever seen, Lord.

But with prices being what they are, if he was around today he might be tempted to call her a dog gone queen instead of mean.


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> Subject: Gasoline Blues WAS: NBC: those damn esso bees

> Anyone researched blues songs with a gas or oil theme? 

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