Sean Costello

Stan Erhart
Fri May 23 15:19:42 EDT 2008

Some of those deaths sold lots of magazines, newspapers, biography shows,
even movies.  Some became more famous in death than they were in life,
partly because of how and when their deaths occurred.  There are special
opportunities available to artists who follow type and commit suicide or
overdose or have high speed accidents.  Choking on food while drunk and
unconscious is not so glamorous.  But even that is a better formula for
success than merely dying and never being heard of again.  ,-)  Stan

From: Steve Hoffman <>
Date: 05/23/2008 11:04 AM
Subject:    Re: Sean Costello

My sincerest apologies to the family and close friends of Sean Costello
for being interested in the cause of his tragic and premature death.

Likewise, let me take this opportunity to apologize to the family and
close friends of the following performers, whose causes of deaths,
tragic and premature, I am aware of:

        -- Robert Johnson
        -- John Lee Williamson (Sonny Boy #1)
        -- Little Walter
        -- Jimi Hendrix
        -- Janis Joplin
        -- Jim Morrison
        -- Hank Williams (Sr)
        -- Little Willie John
        -- Johnny Ace
        -- Bob Marley
        -- Eddie Cochran
        -- Buddy Holly
        -- Patsy Cline
        -- The Big Bopper
        -- Jimmie Rodgers
        -- Charlie Christian
        -- Charlie Parker
        -- John Coltrane
        -- Brian Jones
        -- Elvis Presley
        -- John Lennon
        -- Sid Vicious
        -- Stevie Ray Vaughan
        -- Peter Tosh
        -- Frankie Lymon
        -- Sam Cooke
        -- Bobby Darin
        -- Richard Manuel
        -- Kurt Cobain
        -- George Gershwin
        -- James Reese Europe
        -- Dinah Washington
        -- Freddie Mercury
        -- Karen Carpenter
        -- Marc Bolan
        -- Jeff Buckley
        -- Tim Buckley
        -- Bob Hite
        -- Danny Gatton
        -- Roy Buchanan
        -- Phil Ochs
        -- Paul Butterfield
        -- Michael Bloomfield
        -- Guitar Slim
        -- Gram Parsons
        -- Carter Stanley
        -- Bix Biederbecke
        -- Magic Sam
        -- Otis Spann
        -- Big Maceo
        -- Marvin Gaye
        -- Billy Stewart
        -- Bessie Smith
        -- Django Reinhardt
        -- Jesse Belvin
        -- Clyde McPhatter
        -- Jim Reeves
        -- Joey Ramone
        -- DeeDee Ramone
        -- Johnny Ramone
        -- Billie Holliday
        -- Keith Moon
        -- Hillal Slovak

-Steve Hoffman

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