NBC: those damn esso bees

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Fri May 23 09:43:18 EDT 2008

Sort of....I guess it should have dawned on us long ago that "the wind blows free, why don't we, across the fruited plains," was possibly a way out of some of our dependence on oil--and having to kiss the asses of "friends" and enemies in places like the Middle East. Unfortunately, I don't think the oil barrons had any desire to kill, or even wound, their golden goose (no matter how many lives and dollars it costs us)--and that's why there has been so little money spent on altenative, renewable energy resources, till now. T-Boone Pickens, imo, has seen the handwriting on the wall, and is getting a jump on the game...he realizes that there is only so much fossil fuel in the ground, and only so many fools wealthy enough to pay what it might one day cost. I mean what good is it, if no one can afford it, and it brings down everything with it.
That everything, whether some folks can or will admit it, also includes the future of the blues as we know it. For every dollar more that we spend at the pump, that is arguably one dollar less spent on the blues...and with the clubs closing, fuel costs making touring a no win proposition, full time musicians having to get full time jobs to make ends meet, imo points to that argument not being a vacuous one.  The sooner we get this energy thing figured out, the better off the blues, and all of us, will be.  Except maybe some of the oil companies and their concerns, but they've had their turn. Besides, their biscuits are so full of (record amounts) gravy as it is, they can't hold much more.
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Subject: NBC: those damn esso bees
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 09:26:57 -0400
Exxon-Mobil was once Esso and Socony...Esso was Standard Oil.  Socony 
was Standard Oil Of New York.  They were both part of the Rockefeller 
"Standard Oil Trust".  Everything old is new again... 
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