those damn esso bees

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 23 08:32:06 EDT 2008

those damn esso bees

i hate to be crude
but those damn esso bees
have done give me
the sky high esso blues

they blame it on opec
then on you and me
lets take the oil corps
for national security

gov't take your house
for an extra dollar
it's the oil barrons turn
lets watch them holler

it's gonna be some fun
watching them squeal
how ya like the treatment
how does it feel

it's nothing personal
tell all those esso bees
they gotta give it up
so we can be free

t boone and dylan say
the answers in the wind
looks like a good breeze
is our only friend

going by juke boy's
borrow his runnin' shoes
walking back to dallas
to shake these esso blues

copyright 2008
chuck nevitt

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