Something You Got - Who's the Singer?

Sun May 18 22:52:12 EDT 2008

Who sings on the 1964 King Curtis song, "Something You Got?"  It was
originally written and recorded by Chris Kenner.  The version I'm
interested in is on the 3 cd King Curtis compilation, "Blow Man, Blow!"
on Bear Records; also known as "The Capitol Years 1962-1965". Anyways, I
love the vocal.  King curtis did sing once in a while, but this vocal
doesn't sound like him.  You can hear a sample of the song on All Music
Guide.  Here's the URL:
or, if that doesn't work, here:
It's song 57 on that list.  (King Curtis' grammar teacher must have been
around, because he calls it "Something You've Got").  I think the same
singer is doing song 58 on that list, "Take These Chains From My Heart",
if you want to have a listen to that one too.  Help me out!



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