Bamboo Room Goes Dark..

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Wed May 14 19:59:44 EDT 2008

Not that it took a crystal ball to predict, but if anyone is interested they can do search on two posts that I wrote. One in Feb 2007 where the subject line read "the likely cause for the dissipating blues scene," and one in Jan of '08
w/ the subject line of "my advice to blues musicians and club owners", where both warned that there was a stormy outlook ahead, to prepare ahead of time, as the entertainment industry would be among the first collateral damage incurred. Those were posted before the most recent dramatic increases in fuel costs--they have only compounded the problems.</understatement of the yr>. 

> Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 16:49:25 -0400
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> Subject: Bamboo Room Goes Dark..
> The Bamboo Room Will Go Dark, For Now...
> The Club is closing as of May 31st. "There's an adage that the bar business is recession-proof, but Bamboo Room is a live music venue and is not immune. Rising fuel costs make it difficult for national touring acts to include South Florida in their routing.  Coupled with lower concert attendance during the summer, the truth is simple --particularly when heard directly from those sources. They've thoughtfully reviewed recent economic issues that weigh on performers and patrons. To compensate for the downturn, Bamboo Room adopted an abbreviated schedule for the first time in its history. Yet it soon became clear that it would be difficult to remain open through the summer. As a result they will close the doors May 31. A healthier economy will be key to operating during the winter, as was common in Florida not long ago. The trust and honesty of their relationships with artists, patrons and the media will remain has been their commitment to excellence in live music. The dedicated, excellent and valued staff will be kept apprised of future plans. The owners remain optimistic that the cultural and economic climate will improve. The soul of Bamboo Room will continue to resonate with the sound of Roots, Blues and Americana" Sincerely, Russell Hibbard

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