jenna bush wedding : who let the funk in ?

pat boyack pat@PATBOYACK.COM
Sun May 11 16:46:05 EDT 2008

Not surprised. The Funk and Soul is big with the young'ins these days. You 
can't even find a Wah-Wah for sale on this side of town.

Pat B

On Sun, 11 May 2008 07:32:48 -0400, c.n. <cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>Nope, that wasn't what the Secret Service was asking (or was it) when 
they saw
>the band unloading at the Jenna Bush wedding, but it is one of the tunes
>that the Super T Tyrone Smith Revue plays (hear trk 6 here
> ).
>I also understand that the band was requested to perform Taj 
Mahal's "Lovin'
>In My Baby's Eyes."
>File under: Who Would A Thunk It.

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